How the USA Helped Ukraine (04/16/22 – 04/24/22)


U.S. Department of State – Nothing will stop the Biden’s cabinet from the support of Ukraine;

New York Times – The United States added anti-ship missiles to the Ukraine aid package;

Reuters – Ukrainian delegation will visit Washington next week to meet with representatives of the IMF and the World Bank;


Associated Press – US Army instructors are currently learning from Ukrainian soldiers;

White House – US military aid began to arrive in Ukraine. Among those are 11 Mil Mi-17, 18 Howitzer guns, and 300 Switchblade drones. The United States provided Kyiv with such types of powerful weapons for the first time;


US Congress – A bill on reparations for Ukraine was registered.

– It will allow the transfer of arrested Russia’s funds to Ukraine;


Reuters – US instructors will teach Ukrainian soldiers to use American Howitzers and radars, but outside of Ukraine;

Jen Psaki – the United States will continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine;

– They will ensure that all countries support the sanctions against Russia;


Reuters – 7 planes with weapons from the USA will arrive in Ukraine in the coming days;

Victoria Nuland – There is hope that the Russians will allow the civilians and wounded soldiers to leave Mariupol;

– NATO allies can be involved in the process;

– The US instructors started training 50 Ukrainian soldiers to work with American Howitzers;

G20 – A meeting was held, the floor was given to a delegation of Russian officials, and the head of the US Treasury demonstratively left the hall;


US Treasury – New sanctions were introduced against the cryptocurrency market in Russia;

– Visa restrictions were introduced for 635 citizens of the Russian Federation;

Biden – Ukrainian refugees are allowed to stay in the United States for up to two years;

– The US will send a new $ 800 million military aid package to Ukraine;

– The US will provide additional economic assistance amounting to $ 500 million;

– The US bans the reception of ships under the Russian flag in its ports;

Kirby, Pentagon – A new UAV system named Phoenix Ghost was developed;

– It is designed in response to Ukrainian needs;


Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State – Russia was stripped of its permanent observer status at the Organization of American States;

John Kirby, Pentagon – The US Navy will not take part in the deblockade of Mariupol;

Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States – We are assisting the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine in collecting and saving evidence of Russia’s possible war crimes;


Victoria Nuland – We are working with allies to provide Ukraine with more MLRS (multiple launch rocket system)

– We persistently convey to Putin the idea that the use of nuclear weapons will be a disaster for Putin himself and for the Russian Federation;

– Ukraine will not be left alone, there will be another round of the conflict;

– The cost of military action for Putin will be immense;

USA – America will provide financial help to Ukraine amounting to $500 million;

– According to Treasury Secretary Jannet Yellen, this is just the beginning;

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York – New York is giving $2 million of additional assistance for displaced persons from Ukraine;

Germany – More than 20 countries agreed to participate in the pro-Ukrainian conference at the Ramstein Air Force Base;

– Austin Lloyd, the head of the US Department of Defense, will attend the conference;


The Governor of West Virginia – the National Guard of the state will transfer armored personnel carriers to Ukraine;

Finer, White House deputy national security adviser – We will provide Ukrainians with new help to fight Russians;

– We are adjusting our aid quickly as Russia’s goals change;

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