April 20, 2022, 8.00 PM – April 21, 2022, 8.00 PM (EST+2) Ukraine News Summary

.. earlier/ Maya Sandu, President of Moldova /:
… let us confirm that everybody needs to say “No!” symbols of war;
… Clarified that the place for such symbols [Z and V] is in the dump of history;

– Maria Zakharova, / voice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation /:
– we call on Chisinau to abandon confrontational rhetoric;
– we don’t support such rhetoric and will not leave it unanswered;
– we will answer and these answers will be painful;

– Vode / Moldovan Foreign Minister /:
– statements of the diplomacy of the Russian Federation official representative are inadmissible;
– we ordered to summon the Russian ambassador to Moldova Vasnetsov;

– 8.08 PM / Michelle, President of the European Council /:
– we will receive the decision of the European Commission regarding Ukraine by the end of June;
– I’ll be responsible to talk to European Council about this decision;
– it is important to make sure that we have a dialogue in order to make any further progress regarding Ukraine;
– I will support Ukraine on the path to the EU and in the future;

– 8.29 PM / Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk /:
– Unfortunately, the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol did not work today;
– the occupiers didn’t stop the fire;
– also due to general disorganization the occupiers didn’t bring all people to the evacuation point;
– tomorrow morning we will resume our efforts in the Mariupol direction;
– I address to ours in Mariupol – we will fight for each of you to the very end;

.. 8.41 PM / USA /:
– 50 Ukrainian instructors started to train using American howitzers;

– 8.42 PM / Regiment Azov /:
– we talked today ещ the top political leaders;
– Arahamiya and Podoliak declare that they are ready to go to Mariupol;
– they can meet with Medinsky and Slutsky there and discuss the evacuation;
– we are ready to evacuate from Mariupol with the support of a third party;

– 8.51 PM / Vershinin, Chief of the Mariupol Patrol Police /:
– before the hostilities intensification at “Azovstal” were about one thousand people;
– now there are fewer people, several hundred, including children;
– they live as a commune and if they want any help – they get help;
– any presence of the military nearby makes all those people a military target;
– therefore civilians do not stay close and live rigidly saving all resources;
– but there are people, children, and families of militaries;
– It is not a good option for them to go to Russia;
– some people only want to go to Ukraine;

.. 8.55 PM / G20 /:
… A meeting was held about the risks of the Russian attack on Ukraine;
… Russian officials delegation’s member began to speak;
… Yellen, the head of the US Treasury, demonstratively left the hall;
… Other finance ministers and heads of banks also left the hall;
… In addition, Marchenko, the Ukrainian head of the Ministry of Finance, left the hall;

– 9.03 PM / operational and tactical group “East” /:
– today the losses of the enemy increase;
– soldiers – 36, infantry fighting vehicles – 5, armored personnel carriers – 4, other vehicles – 1;
– SAM – 1, mortar operators – 1 team;

– 10.03 PM / Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister /:
– The Turkish government can be a mediator between Putin and Zelensky;
– we are ready to organize their meeting;
– Erdogan is “actively contacting” both presidents;

– 10.08 PM / representative of the US Department of Defense /:
– last week Russia sent 17 battalion groups to Ukraine;
– four more BTGs entered during the last 24 hours;
– three BTG went to the east (Donbas area) during the last day;
– according to US estimates, there are currently enemy 82 BTGs in Ukraine;
– among them are infantry, artillery, armored and mechanized troops;

– 10.32 PM / OS grouping /:
– the servicemen of the Armed Forces successfully repulsed 9 enemy attacks during the day, ;
– shot down one cruise missile and 3 UAVs Orlan-10;
– destroyed SAM, tank, artillery system, 10 armored, 2 special engineerings, 2 vehicles, and ammunition depot;

– 10.37 PM / GUR MoD of Ukraine /:
– audio interception of the occupiers’ conversation was received;
– it is an order to kill POWs in the Popasna district;
– it is a war crime, a violation of international law;

– 10.43 PM / US Treasury /:
– The United States has expanded the list of sanctions against Russia once again;
– the list included the Russian commercial bank TransCapitalBank;
– The United States imposes visa restrictions on 635 Russian citizens;
– sanctions will affect companies operating in the cryptocurrency market of the Russian Federation;

– 10.48 PM / Yerko, acting Borodyanka village council /:
– 41 bodies of civilians were retrieved under collapsed buildings in Borodyanka;
– now all of the rubble of the buildings has been dismantled in the village;

– 11.55 PM / Gaidai, Luhansk OVA /:
– almost 80% of the Luhansk region is now controlled by racists;
– the occupiers control Kreminne and partly Popasna and Rubizhne;
– but the situation may change at any time;

– 12.03 AM / Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF /:
– The IMF will help Ukraine cover the $ 15 billion financial deficit;
– funds must be received within the next three months;
– Ukraine will need $ 5 billion a month for three months;

– 12.27 AM / Nevesely, Mayor of Zelenodolsk /:
– in the evening the occupiers bombed Zelenodolsk, Dnipropetrovsk region;
– there are no victims;
– communications destroyed after the shelling;
– there is no electricity and water supply in the city;

– 12.48 AM / Operational Command “South” /:
– in one day our fighters destroyed 34 racists and 7 vehicles;
– among them the self-propelled howitzer “Msta-C” and MLRS;
– the enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance with the Orlan drone;
– The UAV was destroyed, and the reconnaissance attempt failed;

– 12.59 AM / Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council /:
– fighting began on the entire front line in Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv regions;
– it was their attempt to test the strength of our Armed Forces;
– the attempt was unsuccessful; therefore, they will continue these attempts;
– it is only a matter of time before the so-called great offensive will begin;
– it is not true when someone says that this battle is the last and decisive;
– this is just another battle, which has been on the territory of our country since 2014;

– 02.33 AM / Operational Command “South” /:
– the occupiers intensified preparations for the referendum in the Kherson region;
– the date of imitation of the will of the people was postponed to April 27;
– they ignore laws and regulations to speed up the legitimization of power;
– the referendum is scheduled on a working day;
– this means that they are not interested in the opinion of the population, and the result is already prepared;

.. 05.08 AM / Reuters /:
… G7 finance ministers announced additional support for Ukraine;
… It is more than $ 24 billion for 2022;
… Are also ready to increase it if necessary;

.. 06.27 AM / Russia /:
… Responded to the UN Secretary-General’s proposal;
… He proposed the introduction of a 4-day Easter break in Ukraine;

– 06.48 AM / General Staff of the Armed Forces /:
– Volyn, Polissya, and Seversky directions – no changes took place;
– Slobozhansky direction – increasing technical support;
– in Balakleya wounded Russian soldiers are placed in the city clinic;
– also, the hospital is situated in the building of the local music school;
– this indicates a significant increase in the number of wounded;
– the enemy continues to partially block and shelling Kharkiv;
– Donetsk and Tavriya directions – artillery shelling along the line of contact;
– Kherson region – forced mobilization of the population is planned;
– continue the terror of the population and do not allow humanitarian aid from Ukraine;
– in the village of Zolota Balka locals were banned from leaving;
– South Bug direction – the enemy is shelling the positions of our troops;
– Air Force aircraft hit 4 air targets – 3 UAVs, 1 cruise missile;
– 9 attacks of the enemy were repulsed in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in one day;
– also, 1 tank, 10 armor vehicles, and 2 moto vehicles were destroyed;
– also artillery, 2 units of special engineering equipment, SAM, and enemy ammunition depot;

– 07.48 AM/ Gaidai, head of Luhansk OVA /:
– In Rubizhne and Novodruzhsk, the Russian army destroyed houses;
– there are no surviving food stocks left in Severodonetsk;
– the Russians destroyed them; products people get from humanitarian goods;
– farm buildings and cars burn several times a day;
– 6 fires were extinguished in houses, 5 people were rescued;

– 07.53 AM / representative of the Russian Federation to the UN /:
– calls for peace and a ceasefire are very false and insincere;
– they mean giving Kyiv nationalists and radicals a break;
– so they can regroup, get new batches of drones;
– they can arrange new inhuman provocations;
– also, to launch new fakes about the actions of Russian soldiers;

– 08.20 AM / Anushauskas, Minister of Defense of Lithuania /:
– we handed over heavy mortars to Ukraine;
– I will not tell any numbers, but we passed a lot;

– 08.50 AM / Kim, the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration /:
– one person was killed and two others were injured during the night shelling;

– 08.52 AM / Office of the Prosecutor General /:
– more than 584 children suffered as a result of Russian aggression;
– 208 children died and 376 received injuries of varying severity;

.. 08.29 AM / Spiegel /:
… German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may face resignation;
… it is possible due to the refusal to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons;
… dissatisfaction with the chancellor’s decisions is growing within the coalition;

– 09.20 AM / Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister /:
– 4 buses managed to leave Mariupol on yesterday’s rubber corridor;
– they spent the night in Berdyansk and are now heading to Vasylivka;
– we are waiting for them in Zaporizhia soon;
– today will continue the evacuation of women, children, and the elderly from Mariupol;
– also, we will try to punch rubber corridors from the Kherson region;
– we take out from Vysokopillya settlement, village Novovoznesenske, village Peacemaker;

– 09.33 AM / Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council /:
– the APU destroyed a detachment of Syrians and Libyans in the Luhansk region;
– today we have pictures of mercenaries destroyed in Popasna;
– it is difficult to say what kind of warriors they are, we have a different climate, a different war;
– they probably didn’t quite expect what they saw here;
– as a result, a detachment of 20-25 people was completely destroyed;
– it is difficult to estimate how many Russian mercenaries are in Donbas;
– it is unlikely that we are talking about thousands, most likely 300-500 people;
– they physically can’t bring more, because they also have a war;

– 9.31 AM / Kim, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council /:
– in Nikolaev shellings were actively carried out all night;
– as a result, one person died;

– 09.53 AM / British intelligence /:
– Russia, obviously, wants to achieve significant success by May 9;
– this may affect the speed and persistence of their military operations;
– now the Russians are actively advancing in the direction of Kramatorsk;
– the city is constantly exposed to missile strikes;
– this is accompanied by the activity of the Russian Federation in the air;
– Russia wants to suppress Ukrainian air defenses;

– 10.21 AM / Boychenko, Mayor of Mariupol /:
– a new mass grave was found near Mariupol;
– its total length reaches 30 meters;

– 10.13 AM / GUR of the Ministry of Defense /:
– Russia is preparing to use Soviet military equipment;
– 18 Msta-S ACS are transferred from the arsenal of RAO of the Eastern Military District;
– from 94 arsenals of GRAU (Omsk) – 28 ACS “Acacia”;
– from the arsenal are 15 ACS “Msta-C”, 5 ACS “Acacia”, 20 ACS “Carnation”;
– from 109 arsenals of GRAU 15 MLRS “Hurricane” and 11 TRK “Point-U”;

.. 10.18 AM / Bild /:
… The German Ministry of Defense excluded heavy weapons from the list of needs of the Armed Forces;
… The relevant list was recently transferred from Kyiv to Berlin;
… This happened at the request of the chancellery headed by Olaf Scholz;

.. 10.50 AM / various propaganda sources of the Russian Federation /:
… Putin’s have a fake meeting with Shoigu was held;
… Shoigu reported that he allegedly took Mariupol;
… Putin congratulated Shoigu on his success;
… Putin allegedly forbade troops to storm Azovstal;
… He is also ordered to block the plant so that the fly did not fly;

– 10.50 AM / Azov /:
– the last two days we continued to fight despite the difficult situation;
– 3 enemy tanks, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers were destroyed;

– 11.02 AM / Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk /:
– we demand from the Russians an urgent humanitarian corridor from Azovstal;
– there are now about 1,000 civilians and 500 wounded soldiers;
– they must be evacuated today;
– I urge to focus the world community and leaders on Azovstal;

– 11.51 AM / GUR of the Ministry of Defense /:
– Russians completely isolate the occupied settlements;
– they prohibit evacuation and do not allow volunteers;
– for today everything in the Velikoburlutsky area is blocked;
– departure is possible only to the territory of the Russian Federation;
– there is an absolute ban on the delivery of humanitarian goods from Ukraine;
– locals were warned that volunteers would be shot;
– recently it became known about the shooting of volunteers traveling from Shevchenkovo;
– there is no mobile communication in the area and almost no electricity;
– ATMs do not work, products are sold at inflated prices;
– there is no medical care and supply of medicines, roads are mined;

.. 1.12 PM / Estonia /:
… was the first in the world to recognize the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people;
…this decision was made by the country’s parliamentarians;
… Latvia recognized the genocide of the Ukrainian people together with Estonia;

– 1.20 PM / Zaporizhzhya OVA /:
– about 30 minutes ago in Zaporizhzhia 2 shellings were recorded;
– no victims; the main target was the infrastructure of the city;

– 1.35 PM / Gaidai, head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration /:
– the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the alleged dismissal of Rubizhny;
– this is an absolute fake, and happened for the third time;

.. 2.19 PM / Great Britain /:
… Added another 26 Russian citizens and companies to the list of sanctions;
… High-ranking military officials came under sanctions;
… They were involved in atrocities on the front lines in Ukraine;

– 3.10 PM / Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister /:
– another exchange of prisoners took place;
– we return home 19 people [10 militaries, including 2 officers and 9 civilians];
– this time there are wounded among the released, and this is very important;
– they will be able to receive full treatment and undergo rehabilitation;

– 3.20 PM /Tsaplienko, journalist/:
– 93rd Mechanized Brigade fighters shot down a Russian plane in the Izium direction;
– the plane was downed by Igla MANPADS; SU-34 fell on the occupied territory;

.. 3.29 PM /Verkhovna Rada/:
… extended the martial law for another 30 days – until May 25;

– 4.10 PM /Belaruski Hajun/:
– at railway stations in Osipovichi, Kolodyshchi, Khoiniki;
– also in Rechitsa, Kalinkovichi, “Kozenki” (Mozyr) there is no loading of military equipment and echelons;
– there are also no reports of traffic on temporary bases in Russia;
– about 85% of the Russian military equipment, which was recorded during the retreat from the Kyiv direction, was withdrawn;

– 4.12 PM /Tagesspiegel/:
– Slovenia will hand over many of its T-72 main battle tanks to Ukraine;
– Germany will give them Marder IFVs and Fuchs wheeled armored vehicles;

– 4.42 PM /Ukrainian Agrarian Council/:
– the occupiers take over the agricultural enterprises in the Kherson region;
– also forced to do sowing for Russia;
– they take products out of warehouses and force workers to work;
– those who disagree are threatened with physical violence.

– 4.31 PM /Russian Media/:
– in Russia, the smoke rises over the Central Research Institute of the Aerospace Defense Forces in Tver;
– an administrative building is on fire, a fire in an area of about 1,500 m2;
– 5 dead and 30 injured were reported;
– the institute develops Iskander missile systems;

– 4.48 PM /Mariupol City Council/:
– the city continues to be under blockade, including an informational blockade;
– if the connection appears, it is unstable;
– the 873 kHz AM wave is a chance to leave Mariupol;
– it will have the information about the evacuation to Zaporizhia;

– 4.51 PM /Annalena Burbock, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany/:
– The EU will not lift sanctions on Russia as long as their troops remain in Ukraine;
– Ukrainian soldiers also defend our freedom in Ukraine;;

– 5.06 PM /Mysiahin, People’s Deputy of Ukraine/:
– a Ka-52 helicopter and a Mi-8 helicopter were shot down in the Zaporizhia direction;
– the cost of each of them is about $ 15 million;

– 5.29 PM /Biden, President of the United States/:
– Ukrainian refugees are allowed to stay in the United States for up to two years;
– America is launching a program to receive refugees from Ukraine;
– The United States will send a new $ 800 million military aid package to Ukraine;
– it includes heavy artillery and drones plus 144,000 shells;
– The United States is acting as quickly as possible to transfer arms to Ukraine;
– The United States will provide additional economic assistance of $ 500 million;
– The United States bans Russian-flagged ships from docking in its ports;
– there are doubts that Putin really controls Mariupol;
– The United States is able to continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine for a long time;
– the US administration will send a request to the US Congress to increase military aid to Ukraine;

– 6.12 PM /Reznichenko, head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration/:
– the green corridor from the occupied villages of the Kherson region did not work;
– the occupiers did not abide by the agreements and did not stop the shelling;

– 6.45 PM / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine /:
– the occupiers announced the mobilization of men in the Kherson region,;
– On May 1, they are planed to hold a so-called “referendum”;
– in the period May 2-10 they are planned “census”;

– 6.58 PM / Matt Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark /:
– Denmark will help to restore Nikolaev after the war;
– we would like to invest in the long-term reconstruction of Ukraine;
– Denmark will allocate about $ 90 million for weapons for Ukraine;
– significant new contributions of about $ 90 million for weapons are planned;

– 7.35 PM / Terekhov, mayor of Kharkiv /:
– 1929 residential buildings were destroyed in Kharkiv;
– about 30% of Kharkiv residents left the city;
– now you can leave the city by train or car;

– 7.43 PM / SES /:
– 79 Mariupol residents with the evacuation column arrived in Zaporizhia;
– three buses got stuck on a dirt road near the village of Kamyanske ;
– rescuers helped them to continue their movement;

– 7.51 PM /Pentagon/:
– Ukraine has more working tanks than Russia now;
– And Ukraine has all right to use those without any doubts.

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