04/16/2022 – Ukraine News DAY SUMMARY

The Governor of Donetsk region – city of Mariupol’ is no more;
Okhtyrka mayor – occupiers turned our city to ruins;
Denisova, ombudsman – “referendum” on “Kherson People’s Republic” is being prepared for May;

Oleksandriya mayor – rocket strike at airfield infrastructure;
Lviv regional military administration – Air Defence Forces at work in the morning;
Klichko – early in the morning Darnitsky district came under fire;
Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration – abandoned poultry farm destroyed by missile strike;
Luhansk Regional Military Administration – oil plant and residential quarters of Lisiczańsk were shelled;

New York Times – USA added anti-ship missiles to the military aid package;
Reuters – Ukrainian delegation will visit Washington to meet the representatives of IMF and World Bank;
UN – Ukraine feeds 400 million people, the war has destroyed the chains of foodstuff supply;

Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia – I am in Kyiv, Georgia support Ukraine;
Czech MFA – Russia prohibits us from supplying Soviet weapons to Ukraine – it’s absurd;
Russian MFA – Americans created 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine;

UkrOboronProm – at night Zhuliansky engineering plant “Vizar”, where “Neptune” missiles are produced, came under fire;

Girkin – all-out mobilization is underway in Donetsk and Luhansk;
MOD – there are signs of a new assault in the East of Ukraine;
Luhansk Regional Military Administration – assault will happen once the rains stop;

Zelensky – 2500 to 3000 Ukrainian troops are KIA;
– Mariupol’ may meet the same fate as Ilovais’k;

State Agency of Auto Roads – 150 miles already cleared, 7 river crossings established;
Kozhemyakin, SSU general – the war will end in three months;
ANTONOV Company – we will rebuild “Mriya” to meet the modern standards;

Vereshchuk – 9 humanitarian corridors agreed upon by April 16;
– Russia holds ca. 700 Ukrainian POWs and a lot of civilians, half of them are women.

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